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April 2010

HealthySoil Debuts in the Southwest

Maintaining quality turf grass with reduced financial, agronomic, and water resource is driving the need to consider new approaches to turf and landscape management. Over the past five years, HealthySoil (formerly Highlands Soil & Water/BioLife) has developed a Soil Management Program that combines Best Management Practices (BMP), Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and the fundamentals of soil science to provide superintendents and landscape managers with innovative solutions to overcome today’s agronomic challenges.

Soil is the agronomic foundation of all plants; thus, proper soil management is a critical tool to help managers maintain quality playing surfaces with reduced financial, water and agronomic resources.

The result of over 18 years of R&D, the HealthySoil Program reflects a long and persistent effort to seek a practical and long-term strategy to manage turf in the Southwest. This annual Soil Management Program is comprised of a series of top dressings and liquid applications that focus on soil conditioning, nutrition and stimulating root growth. As a result, HealthySoil customers enjoy benefits such as:

  • Reduced water and fertilizer use
  • Mitigation of salt issues associated with reclaimed water use
  • Robust plants with greater disease suppression
  • Greater nutrient cycling / retention
  • Improved soil aggregate structure (less compaction)

HealthySoil Program easily integrates into existing land management practices and provides the tools and the roadmap for turf and landscape managers facing water quality and restriction issues. HealthySoil products are custom-formulated to address agronomic and water management challenges specific to the Southwest.

HealthySoil performs an array of tests prior to and during the implementation of its soil management program to monitor improvements in soil performance (tests include infiltration, compaction, root growth, and chemical/biological soil analysis).

HealthySoil currently services the Southwest region from its branches in the Central Coast, Southern California, and Las Vegas. To receive a customized soil management proposal and property evaluation, contact HealthySoil at or 800.414.3111.

Stacy Fox, author of this news release, is a Certified Arborist (WE-5343A) and the Las Vegas branch manager of HealthySoil. He can be reached at 702.649.0153 or via e-mail at

Article originally published in “Southwest Trees & Turf” Volume 17, Number 3.