BaseCoat-O™ PLUS
Remineralizes soil and controls pH
Available for Certified Organic Production
Applications:Agriculture, Golf/Turf, Landscape/Ornamental, Trees
Available Size(s):50 lb bag, 1000 lb bulk bag, 1 ton bulk bag, Bulk (22 ton min)

BaseCoat-O® PLUS is an organic soil amendment used to improve soil by restoring minerals and controling pH.  BaseCoat-O® PLUS contains high levels of ECO-MIN® (an OMRI-listed, patented, multi-source quarry blend of mineral nutrients) blended with Super Sulfur Potash (SSP) for soil pH control.  BaseCoat-O® PLUS is non-leaching and designed to persist in the upper soil horizons as a nutritional supplement.  CDFA Registered Organic Input Material (OIM).  All production materials are of known origin and contain no animal manures.


By combining the acidification properties of SSP with the minerals of ECO-MIN®, BaseCoat-O® PLUS creates an acidic environment in the soil – ideal for enhanced soil re-mineralization.  This increases nutrient availability to improve plant growth and long-term soil health.

Why HealthySoil Recommends this Product:
  • Complements all HealthySoil Annual Programs
  • Used to re-mineralize soil and control pH
  • Non-leaching (nutrients remain in soil)
  • Approved for use in organic production.  Certified by the following agencies: CDFA Registered Organic Input Material (OIM); Compliant with USDA National Organic Program (NOP); Compliant with California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA); manure-free certificates available upon request
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