SSP ⅛" minus (0-0-.5)
Super Sulfur Potash: ⅛" minus screen
Available for Certified Organic Production
Applications:Agriculture, Golf/Turf
Available Size(s):50 lb bag, Ton (2,000 lbs)
Super Sulfur Potash 0-0-.5 (screened to ⅛" minus) packs a one-two punch.  First, its blend of soil-acidifying agricultural minerals rapidly produce acid to lower the pH of alkali soils. Second, its residual compounds provide long-term control of soil pH.

Contains potassium, multiple forms of sulfur, gypsum, and trace minerals.  Additive-free and mined from a 100% natural volcanic source. Applied during ground preparation.

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Why HealthySoil Recommends this Product:
  • Compatible with HealthySoil Annual Programs
  • Reduces fertilizer use (makes existing fertilizer more efficient)
  • NOP Compliant
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