Nachurs® 3-18-18
Utility liquid fertilizer. Low salt index. 100% orthophosphate. Near-neutral pH. Chloride-free.
Applications:Agriculture, Golf/Turf, Landscape/Ornamental, Trees
Available Size(s):275 gal
Nachurs®  (3-18-18) is a high-quality, liquid utility fertilizer.  It is 18% orthphosphate and immediately available for plant absorbtion and metabolism.

Nachurs®  (3-18-18) is chlorine-free with a low salt index and low phyto-toxicity, making it safe for use at all stages of plant / crop growth.

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Why HealthySoil Recommends this Product:
  • Compatible with HealthySoil Annual Programs
  • Efficient source of N-P-K
  • Compatible with most spray tank mixes - can piggyback with other applications to reduce application costs
  • Fast-acting
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