HOGh™ (Liquid Humic)
Organic Humic Acids (liquid)
Available for Certified Organic Production
Applications:Agriculture, Golf/Turf, Landscape/Ornamental, Trees
Available Size(s):275 gal
HOGh® (HealthySoil Organic Grade Humic) is a liquid source of high-grade humic acids derived from Humalite ore.  CDFA Registered Organic Input Material (CDFA-OIM).

HOGh® improves soil structure and water holding capacity; it also enhances cation exchange and nutrient uptake, leading to healthier root systems and greater plant uniformity.

HOGh® improves fertilizer efficiency, so you maintain high quality yields with fewer inputs.

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Why HealthySoil Recommends this Product:
  • Compatible with all HealthySoil Annual Programs.
  • Enhances fertilizer efficiency.
  • Helps develop a healthy root system for greater plant uniformity.
  • CDFA Registered Organic Input Material (CDFA-OIM).
  • Certified by Agricultural Services Certified Organic, LLC (ASCO).
  • NOP Compliant; approved for organic production.
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